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Anti-Scald Valves in the Shower

Did you know that about 25% of all emergency room visits stem from slips and falls, and that most of those take place at home? Equally important, a good many of them occur in the bathroom, especially among seniors, small children, and anyone who needs some assistance.

While there are several ways to beef up bathroom safety, our focus today is on equipping your showerhead with an anti-scald valve. That’s because when the water suddenly turns extra hot, people are inclined to quickly move away and, on a wet shower floor, that can easily result in a fall.

What causes sudden water temperature fluctuations

When a toilet is flushed – just as one example – cold water flows into the tank and, simultaneously, lowers the water pressure in cold-water pipes. If someone is taking a shower at the same time, less cold-water pressure can cause the shower water to suddenly feel much hotter than usual, even if for just a few seconds – but long enough to cause an accident, including serious burns.

Of course, the reverse can happen, too. Someone’s taking a shower and all of a sudden the water turns colder and another family water turns on a hot water faucet elsewhere. These situations occur more frequently in homes with clogged or narrow plumbing, and those with low-flow and multiple showerheads. In at-water faucet. This condition is exacerbated by plumbing that’s clogged, narrow, or installed in showers equipped with low-flow or multiple showerheads.

Anti-scald valves sense and correct for the sudden loss of cold water from a showerhead. They can also be installed for use in your kitchen or bathroom sinks.

More bathroom safety tips and devices

  • Anti-slip tub or shower floor mats
  • Anti-slip flooring, such as rubber or non-glazed tile
  • Grab bars in and around the tub or shower
  • Grab bars next to the toilet
  • Hi-seat toilets so seniors don’t have to stoop as low, and have an easier time standing back up
  • Bathtub benches
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Hand-held shower head, which reduces the amount of turning and twisting
  • Child-proof locks on all lower cabinets and anywhere else medicines and household cleaners are kept

For more information on how Clog Master can help bring added safety into your home – and your bathrooms in particular – contact us today.

Anti-Scald Valves in the Shower
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