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How Hard Water Can Impact Your Home Water Supply.

Even if 85% of American home owners aren’t faced with hard water problems, as it’s estimated, it’s still a widespread problem. We know, because it’s one we’re asked to address all the time.

What is hard water and how would you know if it’s problems where you live. For starters, water is considered hard when it has higher than normal levels of certain minerals, and two in particular: calcium and magnesium. And while it’s not harmful to your health, and it can make a considerable dent in your wallet.

Here are a few key examples: 


Harmful to your plumbing equipment

Over time, a white scale builds up inside your pipes, eventually causing them to close up or corrode, crack, and leak. Scale also can build up inside your faucets, leading to stains in your sinks and a build-up of sediment at the bottom of your water heater tank.  If too much scale builds up, your water heater may need be drained, repaired, and/or replaced.

What hard water can do to your clothes and skin

Hard water can make life difficult inside your shower, too. Once again, scale can build up on your showerhead. Worse, hard water doesn’t mix well with soap and shampoo, thus causing you to more of them. That, in turn, drives up your costs.  The same holds true inside your dishwasher and washing machine.

What’s more, hard water is bad for your clothes because it causes colors to fade quicker, fibers to break down faster, and texture to turn scratchy and uncomfortable.

When you wash your dishes with hard water, you’ll notice that they come out cloudy and spotty instead of clean and clear.

How to put an end to hard water problems

Water softeners were created specifically to turn hard water soft, and they do so by reducing the amount of mineral content in your home water supply. At Clog Master, we have just the right water softening system for your home. Plus, we service and repair all makes and models of existing water softeners.  Contact us today for the service you need, and put an end to your hard water problems.

How Hard Water Can Impact Your Home Water Supply.
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