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How to Tell if Your Sewer is Clogged

A clogged sewer is a serious problem in its own right, and one that only grows worse the longer it goes undetected and unremedied.

So, the next time you notice any of the following conditions, you’ll want to take prompt and decisive action:

  • Multiple Fixtures Are Clogged – When some combination of a toilet, tub drain, shower drain, or sink drain back up at the same time.
  • Bubbling Toilet – When you run water in a bathroom sink for more than a minute and the water in the adjacent toilet starts to bubble or rise.
  • Washing Machine Backflow – When water draining from your washing machine causes a toilet to overflow or backs up into a tub or shower.
  • Awful Odor – When you can smell raw sewage emanating from any of your drains.
  • Damp Spot on Your Lawn – When you encounter an area of wet grass and the rest of your lawn is dry.
  • Flushing the Toilet – If this action results in water backing up or coming up into the tub or shower, this is usually a clear sign of a sewer drain clog. The flushed water that cannot go down the sewer drain flows back up the pipes and comes out at the lowest point, which is usually the shower drain.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact Clog Master for prompt and decisive action. That includes spot-site problem diagnosis, a guaranteed upfront price quote, and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  At Clog Master, we’re one of Connecticut’s best-equipped and most experienced clogged sewer and drain resources.

How to Tell if Your Sewer is Clogged
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