The Whole Shebang!

Has anyone ever actually seen a shebang? Well, neither have we.

But if there WERE such a thing, shebang would be the perfect word to describe our multi-level approach to sewer & drain cleaning, upkeep, repair, replacement, and more. Which is to say, you simply won't find another Connecticut based service provider with more to offer than Clog Master, LLC.

That's the way we've planned it. And that's why our customers have remained so loyal to us over the years. Call us today at 860-709-84273.

Our Services:

Grease trap cleaning

Our Commitments:

plumbing repair bristol ct

  • Guaranteed upfront pricing
  • Your satisfaction guaranteed
  • No overtime charges
  • Service in 58+ communities
  • Employee background checks
  • Drug-free work environment
  • 24/7 emergency service