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Commercial Drain Repair | Commercial Drain Replacement

Connecticut Turns to Clog Master for Commercial Drainage Solutions.

Commercial drainage problems aren’t very different than those that might occur at home, except for one key difference. The bigger the building and property, the greater the potential for a bigger problem and a company accustomed to providing commercial drainage solutions.

Here at Clog Master, we provide sewer and drain cleaning, repair, replacement, and related services for some of the most recognizable commercial entities in Connecticut.  They trust us to provide turnkey solutions because that’s exactly what we deliver, every single time.

Now, we can bring that same high level of confidence, experience, competency, and all the needed resources to bear on your current and future commercial sewer and drain needs, too.

Here are just a few of the problems we diagnose and correct for our many commercial clients:

  • Repairs & ReplacementRoot invasion. Even if you used extreme caution when planting trees and shrubs on your commercial property, you’d be amazed at how resourceful their roots are in seeking out and infiltrating underground drain lines.  Even a tiny hairline fracture is all the space they need to get inside and, once they do, they will only grow and prosper as they feed off the very nutrients inside raw sewage.
  • Cracked or fractured sewer lines. Drain and sewer pipes don’t need root invasion to crack or otherwise fail.  The pipe material might have decayed, something might have accidentally been drilled into a drain line…any number of factors can cause sufficient damage to require a drain repair or replacement.
  • Sewer pipe collapse. Once a sewer line has lost all structural integrity it will collapse, thus requiring virtually immediate attention to limit the amount of lost productivity you’re likely to experience as a result.
  • Hard water problems.  Have you ever had a water quality test?  If not, and you’re experiencing hard water problems, sooner or later internal corrosion can cause a crack or leak inside one or more of your potable water pipes and further disrupt an otherwise productive day or week.

No matter what the cause, Clog Master had the experience and technology to provide all of the following remedial services:

  • Drain and sewer video inspection for faster and more accurate problem identification
  • Underground pipe location
  • Electronic leak detection
  • Trenchless pipe repair
  • Trenchless pipe replacement
  • Excavation services
  • New sewer & drain pipe installation

Contact us today for prompt service and highly dependable results.