The New Look and Focus of Clog Master Plumbing

A company's website is kind of like your most comfortable pair of shoes. No matter how much you love your site, sooner or later it become extinct. Either people stop paying attention, the information is no longer entirely relevant, you as the company owner spot a hole or two of missing information...and then one day, you wake up and decide "It's got to go!"

Well here at Clog Master Plumbing, that fateful morning actually arrived several months ago. And here's just a few of the obvious realizations that the dawn ushered in:

  • We launched our business in 2012 to focus on commercial and residential drain cleaning. Mission accomplished.
  • Over time, customers started asking "What else can you do?" Being true to ourselves, we answered "Plenty!"
  • So little by little, we started beefing up our service offerings to include water treatment, plumbing, water heaters, and more.
  • And just like that, the name Clog Master Plumbing no longer fully described our service offerings.

Then came the tricky part. "Do we abandon the Clog Master name entirely and risk alienating or losing even our most loyal customers?" "Nah," we thought, "way too risky." Instead, we decided to operate under two separate business names: Clog Master, of course, and now its first cousin CT Mechanical Solutions.

As you can see, CT Mechanical Solutions has its own website. Once that was completed, we immediately set out to rebuild the Clog Master website, the very one you're looking at!

For our new and existing customers, virtually nothing has changed, especially in this regard: you can still call the Clog Master number for services other than drain cleaning, and you can contact CT Mechanical Solutions for all the services we provide, including drain cleaning. We're the same people, located in the same building, serving the same customers. We just have two names now instead of one, thus making it a little easier to explain what we do.

No matter how you arrived on our site today, we're very glad you're here. We'd be even happier to demonstrate why our many customers - residential and commercial - are so fiercely loyal. It's a process that starts with being good listeners, and ends with guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction. In between, all kinds of good things take place.

We hope to see you soon!