Clogged Drain | Clogged Sewer

Here's something to consider before you call us to resolve your current blocked drain problem: have you ever entrusted such a job to a plumber or drain cleaner who, after giving it their best effort, finally admitted it was more than they could handle? Lots of our customers have experienced that.

Too bad they didn't call us first, because right from the start they would have discovered that we are one of the most experienced, fully-equipped, and resourceful drain cleaning companies in Connecticut. That means you'll get just one bill - not multiples - to get the problems fixed. And for our many loyal sewer and drain customers, that's huge!

Along with the standard normal sewer and drain clearing equipment you'd expect us to bring along, we have advanced capabilities that very few other CT companies possess. Here are two we'll think you'll find especially relevant and reassuring:

  • In-line video drain camera so we can determine the exact location, nature, and extent of the problem. We don't need to use the camera on every job, but it's an invaluable tool to have at our disposal, just in case. Our video drain equipment also includes a recorder and playback unit so we can illustrate the problem to you both on video playback and by showing you and printing out still images.
  • High-pressure water jetter that blasts water through especially stubborn sewer or drain line blockages. Our jetters even come with rotating, cutting heads that cut through built-up tree and shrub roots while the water continues to push the internal debris along through the pipe.
We also have the capability to locate underground sewer blockages, along with the advanced skill and equipment to repair or replace any sewer or drain line without having to excavate your lawn, shrubs, driveway, etc. Click here to learn more about our drain repair and replacement services, and you'll have one more reason to choose CT Mechanical Solutions the next time a sewer or drain line acts up.

CT Mechanical Solutions. The right choice for any sewer or drain problem, large or small. Call us today at (860) 709-8427 and let us know how we can help.