Whether you home is connected to a natural or propane gas supply, you have the means to save more on your energy costs than you already are.

Then again, adding one or more new gas connections to your home isn't just about saving precious dollars. It's about getting things done more efficiently and, in the case of a gas range, to a higher standard of quality.

Here at CT Mechanical Solutions, we are licensed gas fitters which means we're both licensed and skilled to safely add gas connections inside or outside your home, as you see fit.

At your request, we'll be happy to provide one or more of the following services for you:

  • Connect your new gas water heater
  • Connect your new gas range and oven
  • Connect your new gas grill
  • Connect your new gas clothes dryer
  • Connect your new front-loading gas washing machine
  • Connect your new gas furnace
  • Connect your new gas fireplace
For your added peace of mind, our technicians also inspect and repair gas lines - it's important to keep an eye on them, especially underground gas lines, as Mother Nature has more than one means to cause a gas line to crack and leak.

For the service you need, when you need it, contact CT Mechanical Solutions today at (860) 709-8427.