Clogged drains, toilets, and sewers happen.

The mere fact that you're on this page of our site indicates that one might be "happening" to you right now.
So first things first. Clog Master, LLC has the requisite expertise to clear, repair, or replace any type of drain line, including:

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Drain Cleaning Methods

Drain Cleaning Methods

Electric snaking is used to clear pipe obstructions, a process that must be performed by a trained and skilled technician to ensure no harm comes to pipes and sewer lines while restoring them to proper operation.

A motorized snaking cable uses torque when inserted in the sewer or drain line to scrape the inside of drains and pipes and break up clogs and other debris. The process can be employed for residential or commercial applications for floor drains, sinks, toilets, showers and tubs.

When the clog is especially tough, nothing is better suited to the task than high pressure jetting. A high pressure water hose cuts out roots and clears out rocks and other debris that may be clogging your pipes.

Our specialized sewer nozzles direct the pressurized flow of water to efficiently remove accumulated debris. Once completed, the full diameter of your drain pipe will once again be available for water and waste removal. Hydro jetting also can remove rust scale from inside iron pipes, leaving behind a shiny and smooth clog-resistant surface.

Hydro-jetting, also known as water jetting, employs pressurized water to completely break up and remove drain clogs and other debris inside sewer and drain lines, even those areas otherwise difficult to access. Depending on what's causing the clog, we also can attach various cutting tools to the jetter to cut through tree and shrub roots before forcing them through the drain pipe.

What's more, hydro-jetting is the only reliable method to for cleaning storm water drains blocked by silt and sediment. By comparison, an electric sewer machine will simply bore through the clog, but what's around that area will remain once the cable is removed.

So if you want the job done thoroughly the first time (so there doesn't have to be a second), contact Clog Master today at 860-709-84273. The company that does it all for your commercial or industrial enterprise.