Which problem would you consider more troubling:

An underground break in your sewer line or having your lawn or driveway excavated to locate and fix the problem?

The truth is, neither one is exactly a day at the beach! Now you can avoid the whole excavation process when you choose CM Plumbing for your drain repair or replacement project. We're pipe re-lining specialists with all the training, experience, and modern equipment to get the job done without wreaking havoc on your property.

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Pipe Re-lining

For starters, we use special pipe locating equipment to discover where the break or rupture is located, and then a miniature TV camera to look inside the pipe so we can more completely assess the damage. Only one small hole is required to accomplish all that.

Later, we'll insert a specially designed tube into the pipe and, using compressed air, attach it to the inside of the damaged or broken pipe where it will then cure and harden within hours. It's like acquiring a brand new replacement pipe at only a fraction of the cost. Plus, your newly re-lined drainage pipe will perform as reliably, if not better, than a replacement pipe. And still no additional digging is required. Call (860) 709-8427.

Pipe Patching | Pipe Repair

If the damage to your pipe is isolated to a small area, then most likely your drain line doesn't need to be re-lined. Instead, we can employ our pipe patching technique using the same equipment and processes we employ in pipe re-lining. Once again, problem solved with only one small hole to dig. Equally important, the pipe patching (or bladder) material we use is 100% watertight and has a life expectancy of 50 years or more.

For more information, a drain repair or replacement quote, or to schedule service, contact CM Plumbing today...one of Connecticut's leading sewer and drain service providers.