CM Plumbing:  Working to Keep Your Drains Clear, the Organic Way.

At CM Plumbing, we recommend and employ all-natural, bio-degradable products to clear up clogged sewers and drains and, more importantly, help keep them that way.

  • Bio-Clean, for example, is an enzyme based product that literally eats away at the accumulated food, grease, hair, and other bits of clogging material that somehow manage to get inside your drains and toilet.  And because Bio-Clean is completely chemical free, it won't damage your pipes or the environment.
  • The same is true of Root-X, another all-natural product that eats the tree and shrub roots that often get caught inside underground sewer lines without harming the plants themselves. While Root-X must be applied by a professional likeCM Plumbing Bio-Clean is available for sale to the public so you can use it regularly to help prevent future drain clogs.
While Bio-Clean is not available in retail stores, you can purchase it directly from CM Plumbing.

Contact us today at (860) 709-8427 to order your supply of Bio-Clean, and do away with those chemical drain cleaners once and for all.