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In our experience, more people choose to upgrade or completely renovate their kitchen or bathroom for their own benefit vs. to enhance home resale value.

Whatever your motivation might be, you can count on CM Plumbing for all plumbing and drainage aspects of your project. You'll also find us to be a valuable resource for:

  • Innovative solutions to help bring your ideas to life
  • Alternative means to achieve the same goal
  • More affordable solutions than you may have thought possible
  • New plumbing features that can deliver whole new levels of personal comfort and convenience

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What does your dream kitchen include?

The possibilities, while not endless, are certainly far beyond what they were even a few years ago.

A Few Kitchen Remodeling Ideas:

Second Sinks - If you're feeling confined by having only one sink, you might want to consider a second sink, of which there are three basic types: prep sinks, bar sinks, and entertainment sinks.

A prep (or utility) sink is often a smaller version of the main kitchen sink. Placed at the opposite end of the kitchen work triangle, it helps to maximize the space while eliminating extra steps from the refrigerator or stove to the sink.

A bar sink is a great way to make entertaining easier and more fun.

With people all over craving new and different varieties of coffee and tea, how about a separate kitchen area for both that includes its own sink plus all your coffee and tea supplies. The possibilities are limited only by our collective imaginations.

At CM Plumbing, we also install ice makers, instant hot water dispensers, garbage disposals...we can even hook up your new dishwasher.

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