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In fact, we service and repair all makes and models of storage tank AND tankless water heaters. That means the technician we send to your home will expertly diagnose the problem, explain it to you, and then give you our best "next step" recommendation. He'll also give you a guaranteed upfront price. And, just for good measure, our labor on service and repairs comes with a one-year warranty.

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New Water Heater | Replacement Water Heater

Get ready for an eye-opening experience if you haven't purchased a water heater since April, 2015. Because that's when the entire new and replacement water heater landscape changed forever with the enactment of the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA). It's a federal initiative that's responsible for improving the energy efficiency of all home appliances, water heaters included.
As a result, your new water heater options have all changed, and essentially all for the better. And yet before making your next purchase, you'll want to hire someone like us. Someone who understands the new water heater technologies and configurations. Someone who can explain them to you in plain English. So that ultimately, you end up with exactly the right system for your home and budget. You can trust CT Mechanical Solutions to do all that, and more, on your behalf.

Gas and Electric Storage Tank Water Heaters - Under 55 Gallon Storage Capacity

Today, gas and electric storage tank water heaters are 2" wider and 2" taller than they were prior to April, 2015 when the new federal energy efficiency regulations took effect. The extra space is needed for added energy-saving insulation which, in turn, saves you money...and that's a good thing.
But there could be a problem if you want a new water heater with the same size storage tank you have now. That's because if your current unit fits its space exactly, a new unit with the same size storage tank won't. That's where the creativity of CT Mechanical Solutions comes into play. Maybe, for example, we can expand the existing space or relocate your water heater elsewhere. Whatever it takes, rest assured that we will design and install a replacement water heater that meets all of your family's needs.

Electric Storage Tank Water Heater - Over 55 Gallon Storage Capacity

Electric storage tank water heaters, as you once knew them, are a thing of the past. They've been replaced by electric hybrid heat pump water heaters which must be installed in a space the equivalent size of a 10' x 10' room. That's because the built-in heat pump draws heat (to heat the water) from the ambient air, and it needs at least that much space to be effective. Just how efficient are electric hybrid heat pump water heaters? Enough that a family of four can expect to save up to $350 on its annual water heating costs.

Gas Storage Tank Water Heater - Over 55 Gallon Storage Capacity

These too have changed since the NAECA regulations took effect. In fact, they're now called gas condensing water heaters. They're bigger than older gas water heaters and, as you'd expect, more energy efficient. That's because the new technology reclaims much of the gas that was formerly wasted. That, in turn, creates the energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint, the latter the result of less carbon monoxide is being vented outdoors. Expected annual energy savings? Between $200 and $250.

Tankless water heaters predate the 2015 NAECA regulations and are a very popular item with customers of CT Mechanical Solutions.
As their name suggests, they do not include storage tanks where the water must be heated 24/7. Instead, water is heated in wall-mounted heat exchangers "on demand" - meaning, as soon as you turn on a hot water faucet or appliance.
With the right size system, you can enjoy an endless supply of hot water. Here's more to love about tankless water heaters:

  • You can choose between a whole-house or single-source system...some people choose the latter to heat the water in a bathroom addition, just as one example.
  • With fewer working parts, their average lifespan is 20 years and longer compared to 10 - 15 years for a storage tank system.
  • Since water is heated only when you need it, your energy costs will be lower.
  • With no storage tank to set up, you'll also enjoy more storage space.
  • Plus, the wall-mounted heat exchangers can be installed virtually anywhere, including inside a closet.
If you're looking for a new or replacement water heater, chances are you have more questions than answers right now. But that's okay, because you've come to exactly the right place. CT Mechanical Solutions. The company with the skill, training, and experience to help you select exactly the right system for your home and budget.
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