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The simplest water leak repairs are those in plain view: a dripping faucet, a garbage disposal spraying water under your kitchen sink, or a toilet valve depositing water on your bathroom floor.

Those and other easy-to-spot water leaks should prompt you into immediate action. As in, first do what you can to minimize damage and wasted water, like turning off the flow of water at the source. Next, contact CT Mechanical Solutions to repair or replace the leaking pipe or valve.

But what about those water leaks you can't actually see, but absolutely suspect due to wet spots on ceilings or walls, pooled water behind your fridge, or a water bill that knocks your socks off and you can't figure out why. More good reasons to contact us, but this time for our electronic leak detection service.

We have the sophisticated equipment that can readily "see" what the human eye can't, at least not without knocking down walls, digging up slabs, or otherwise making a mess of your home or property. Frankly, that's a lousy way to detect the exact extent and location of a leaking pipe, and potentially a very expensive one, at that.

Instead, we use our electronic leak detectors to identify and analyze the problem quickly and accurately. That, in turn, leads to a faster resolution, and often with significantly less water-related damage than you otherwise might have experienced.

In addition to electronic water leak detection, we offer:

  • Pipe repair
  • Partial pipe replacement
  • Complete water line replacement
  • New water line installation
If you see or suspect a water leak anywhere inside your home or elsewhere on your property, contact CT Mechanical Solutions today. Because the faster we figure out what's causing the leak and where it's located, the faster we can get things back to normal. Call (860) 709-8427.