They say Connecticut is "the land of steady habits." From our experience, there's a lot of truth in that statement.

Take, for example, the number of residents who heat their homes with natural gas: fewer than 33%. Which is to say that the steady habit in home heating remains oil! And while it's true that gas is not universally available, it's still surprising that more people haven't switched to gas, especially when you consider all the benefits it delivers.

  1. Big energy savings. The amount you'll save on home heating should completely pay for your new system in 3-4 years.
  2. Availability. Natural gas is readily available and supplied from a main gas line on your street that connects directly to your home. There are no storage tanks to fill, and therefore no chance of running out of gas to heat your home and power your other gas appliances.
  3. Flexibility. Natural gas can be used for heating, water heating, pool heating, generators, outdoor grills, a gas range and stove, and drying your clothes. Once a home is plumbed for natural gas, you can replace less efficient electric appliances with new gas models to further reduce your utility costs.
  4. Safety. Natural gas is delivered to your home via underground supply pipes installed by your local gas company. It's a safe and efficient means of distribution, one that requires minimum upkeep. The same goes for your gas heating system and other gas appliances. For added safety, your CT Mechanical Solutions technician will check for any potential gas or carbon monoxide leaks during our annual system tune-up and inspection.
  5. Environmental friendliness. Natural gas is clean-burning, and that means it releases about 30% less carbon dioxide into the environment than heating oil. Natural gas, unlike heating oil, also has zero mercury emissions.
  6. Custom design and installation by CT Mechanical Solutions. The quality of the installation is just as important as the quality of the system itself. With CT Mechanical Solutions doing the work, you should expect nothing but the very best in new system design and installation. We'll also dispose of your oil-burning furnace or boiler and, at your request, dig up and safely recycle your oil storage tank, too. All for your added convenience.
Contact us today at (860) 709-8427 for an in-home estimate along with answers to all your questions. The more you know, the more likely you are to switch from oil to gas heat. And to CT Mechanical Solutions.