CT Mechanical Solutions: Providing Equal Parts Indoor Comfort and Added Safety for Our Many Home Heating Customers.

At CT Mechanical Solutions, we are hydronic heating specialists. What's hydronic heating, you ask? Any type of heating system that heats water vs. air to heat your home. That includes:

  • Steam heating systems with radiators
  • Boiler heating systems that radiate heat from baseboard heating units
  • Under-floor radiant heating systems
Just to be clear, we currently do not service, repair or install forced air heating systems...the kind that deliver heated air through your ductwork.

Otherwise, CT Mechanical Solutions is ready to help you make the most of our Connecticut winters, at least those parts of it you spend indoors. Call 860-709-84273.

Annual Heating System Maintenance

To maximize your investment in safe and reliable indoor comfort, you should have your boiler professionally inspected once a year. That's your clearest path to problem-free heating, a longer system lifespan, lower energy costs, and added safety. Here are just some of the steps involved in our annual maintenance process:

  • Check gauges for accuracy
  • Check the pressure of your expansion tank
  • Inspect all safety devices (pressure relief valves, pressure and temperature controls, low water-sensing devices, etc.) to ensure proper operation
  • Check the fuel system for leaks
  • Check the combustion system for signs of overheating and exhaust leaks
  • Check the heating system for zone balancing and uniform heating
  • Ensure the circulator pump is running quietly
  • Ensure the water inside the boiler is clean
Here at CT Mechanical Solutions, we service and maintain all makes and models of home heating boilers.

We also troubleshoot and repair all makes and models of boiler and radiant heating systems. So when you couple that with our heating maintenance service you now have at least one very good reason to call us:

  • Has it been a year or longer since your boiler or radiant heating system was last inspected? If so, the time is now!
  • Are your home heating costs higher than normal? Do you have hot and cold spots in your house, or notice any signs indicating something might be wrong with your heating system? Whatever that something might be, one thing's certain: it's not going to get any better on its own.

For the safer, more reliable, and more energy-efficient home heating we know you want, contact CT Mechanical Solutions today.