There's Nothing Quite like a Custom Designed & Installed Home Heating System...Especially One from CT Mechanical Solutions.

For many people in Connecticut, winter is that one time of year to be endured, not enjoyed...skiers and ice fishing devotees excepted.

Still, whether you love or hate winter, you depend on a steady supply of indoor heat not just for your family's comfort, but to protect you from the harsh outdoor elements. Here at CT Mechanical Solutions, that's exactly what we provide.

That's why you can count on us for the best in home heating maintenance, repairs, and new system installation. When it comes to new and replacement heating systems, we design and install two types:

  • Home boilers
  • Under-floor radiant heating

Let's take a closer look at both types.

Installing a New Home Boiler

First things first: if your heating system is acting up and you're thinking about replacing it, how do you know if you need a furnace or a boiler? That's easy: if the heat is distributed either by radiators or baseboard units, you have a boiler. If heat is distributed through air ducts, you have a furnace, and those we don't install or service.

If it's been 10 or more years since you last purchased a boiler for your home, you're going to find that your options have expanded for the better. With a direct-vent boiler, you can enjoy energy efficiency ratings between 85% and 90%. Compare that to your existing boiler which is probably no more than 60% efficient, and it's easy to see how energy savings alone will cover the cost of your purchase in as little as a few years.

Today, we also install "combi-boilers," unique products that provide heat and hot water at the same time. That spells greater convenience, energy ratings of 88% and higher, plus greater ease of maintenance. Once you convert to a combi-boiler, you also can do away with your hot water storage tank since combi-boilers provide hot water "on demand" - that means water is heated inside the system's wall-mounted heat exchanger each time you turn on a hot water faucet or appliance.

Doing away with your storage tank also frees up some storage space, and most people are always looking for more. Plus, combi-boilers are wall-mounted, and that means they can be installed almost anywhere.

Under-floor radiant heating systems rely on a network of water pipes - literally installed under your floors - that radiate heat upward to provide whole-house or single-room comfort. That's right: radiant heating is not an "all or nothing proposition." Many of our customers, in fact, have asked us to install radiant heating systems in their bathrooms so they never have to step out of the shower and onto a cold floor again.

Here's more to like about radiant heating systems:

  • You can do away with your baseboard units or radiators for more flexible furniture placement
  • No noise...completely quiet operation
  • Eco-friendly and energy efficient
  • Fewer airborne allergens, and that translates into significant relief for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Superior wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling comfort
For more information about your home heating options, contact CT Mechanical Solutions. Just ask, and we'll be happy to schedule an in-house consultation and new system proposal. Call 860-709-84273.