water filtration bristol ct

A lot of our water filtration customers purchased their first system only when there was hard evidence of a tainted water supply.

What's wrong with that picture? Nothing at all. But doesn't it make just as much sense to improve the quality of your water simply because you can? And to do so without relying one iota on bottled water?

Either way you slice it, a home water filtration system is for people who want better quality water flowing from their faucets. Some want more than that. That's why we offer you the following water treatment solutions:

  • Water Softening System
    If you have hard water, a water softening system can make all of its associated problems disappear. That way, you won't need as much detergent to clean your clothes. Or as much soap or shampoo to clean your body or hair. Softened water also won't corrode the internal linings of your water pipes or leave a milky haze on your dishes and glasses. There's a lot to like about a water softening system from CM Plumbing.
  • Whole-House Water Filtration System
    This is the answer for families that want better quality water from every faucet, fixture, and water-using appliance in their homes. That way, and with proper upkeep, you'll never have to worry about the quality of the water you drink, cook, or wash with again.
  • Point-of-use Water Filter
    A point-of-use is the simple, fast, and highly affordable way to enjoy pure drinking water straight from a dedicated faucet installed at your kitchen sink and attached to an under-sink filter. It's easier and more budget friendly to maintain, too. And yet we can design and install the right system for your family's specific water consumption needs.
Contact CM Plumbing today for more information and a free quote on the right water treatment solution for your home. Or for preventative maintenance or repair work on your existing system. Call (860) 709-8427.