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Is it Time for a New Garbage Disposal?

There are three types of people in this world:

  1. Those with well-functioning garbage disposals
  2. Those whose units need to be replaced
  3. Those who don’t have a garbage disposal.

If you fall into either group B or C, this blog is for you.

How can you tell when a garbage disposal needs to be replaced?  Here are the most common indicators:

  • When it won’t turn on, although the problem might just be a defective switch
  • You have to push the reset button every time you want to grind food
  • You can’t get rid of the terrible odor
  • When it takes longer and longer to grind up food
  • The unit makes a great deal of noise during operation
  • Water leaks from the bottom

Each one of those is reason enough to contact Clog Master. If we can repair your garbage disposal and it makes sense to do so, we’ll provide you with a guaranteed price quote for your approval. Same thing if we recommend and you approve replacing it: you’ll know and approve the price before we start the job.

Don’t already have a garbage disposal? Well, adding one might be easier than you think. You already have the drain lines under the sink, so all you need is a power source and a plumbing contractor. And yet, the power source might already exist if you have a dishwasher in the same area of your kitchen.

At Clog Master, we can usually install a new garbage disposal in just a few hours, even if you do need an electrician to add a new power source. Once the job is finished and you get comfortable using it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.  Contact us today so we can make your life a little easier, too, and a lot more convenient.

Is it Time for a New Garbage Disposal?
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