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Why Do I Have Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure often leads to reductions in your patience, too. From not enough pressure for a decent shower to how much extra time it takes to wash your dishes, hands, or face, it’s a problem most homeowners detest and want to correct as soon as possible.

At the same time, we thought it might help reduce your blood pressure even a little by explaining the primary causes of low water pressure: 

1. Partially clogged water pipes

Should a crack develop in your water main, sand, dirt, and underground pollutants can enter your pipes and form at least a partial blockage, one that can and probably will reduce water flow. Or, let’s say you have a hard water issue characterized by higher-than-normal amounts of calcium, manganese and other minerals in your water supply. A water softener can correct any hard problem, thus eliminating one cause of reduced water pressure.

2. Internal pipe corrosion

If your water pipes are made of anything other than PVC, they’re prone to corrosion. Both steel and galvanized pipes, for example, have a projected lifespan of up to 20 years. Not a very long time, especially if you move into a home older than that where the water pipes have not been replaced.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to prevent natural corrosion other than to replace all your water pipes. And that’s not an inexpensive process.

3. Leaky plumbing

It stands to reason that if one or more of your pipes spring a leak, your water pressure will suffer proportionately. If you even suspect a water leak, you can easily draw that conclusion on your own. First, shut off all water-using fixtures and appliances both indoors and out. Then, take a reading from your water meter. Go back in about 30 minutes and take another without using any water in the meantime. If the meter has advanced, you have a leak and have just determined the cause of your reduced water pressure.

4. Problems with your municipal water supply

Not all reduced water pressure problems start with your home or property. The problem may be caused by a malfunction in your area’s municipal water supply.

Just like your own piping, these systems are subject to leaks, buildups and other problems that can affect the water supply and water pressure. Fortunately, you can call your local water company supply company to determine if there is a problem and when it might be corrected.

Bottom line, if your reduced water pressure is caused by anything other than your municipal water supply, Clog Master can help. From accurate diagnoses to outstanding problem solution, we do it all. For more information or to schedule service, why not contact us today.

Why Do I Have Low Water Pressure