Did you know that you can enjoy more efficient home heating at any time, and it doesn't require upgrading to a new and more energy-efficient system?

Here are two easy and convenient ways to heat your home for less:

  • Whole-house zone control - If your house is controlled by a single thermostat, chances are you're wasting a good deal of energy every winter, no matter how big or small your home might be. The fact is, you can't be everywhere in your house at the same time. Plus, you and your family no doubt all have different schedules, all such factors leading to the same obvious conclusion: do you really need to heat your whole house to the same temperature 24/7? If not, and you're serious about cutting your energy costs, contact CT Mechanical Solutions for more information about the benefits of adding one or more additional home comfort zones.
  • Programmable thermostats - You might also be a candidate for converting your conventional thermostats to programmable models. That way, for example, you can use less heat during the day when people are away at work or school, but program your thermostat to nicely warm up the interior in time for the first person's anticipated arrival. You also can upgrade to Wi-Fi accessible programmable thermostats. These allow you to change the settings in accordance with your schedule or outdoor temperatures from any place with a Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi programmable thermostats come with apps you can download to your iPad, Smart Phone, or other mobile device.
These are just two more ways we're helping Connecticut families and business owners spend less on heat. Today, we're ready to do the same for you. Call 860-709-84273.